Cambridge Xpress lane nailing

Proper fastening is essential
for a good roof.

Use nails of 30 or 35 mm length.

Cambridge Xpress lane = nailing lane for more accurate nailing

IKO Shingle Stick

Steep slope application (> 60°) or high wind areas
require extra nails and hand sealing with
IKO Shingle Stick

More info on IKO Shingle Stick


You need a Superglass shingle in matching colours as a starterstrip, as well as for your hips and ridges.

No time for cutting?
Choose for Starterstrip
and for Quick Ridge (for hips and ridges)

Superglass for hips and ridges

First course and application procedure

First course (2):
Start with a complete shingle applied flush with the starter strip at rake and eaves

Second course (3):
Cut off 25 cm from the left end of the Cambridge Xpress shingle and start at the rake end. 

Third and succeeding courses (4):
• Start the third course with a shingle from which 50 cm has been cut
• Cut off an additional 25 cm for each succeeding course
• For maximum protection against wind driven rain, cement the shingle at the rake edges
• Continue across the roof with full shingles 

Cambridge Xpress application