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Win a fast Ferrari tour in our contest - Fast Cambridge Xpress lane -
Check this page for dates when the roadshow edition 3 passes by near you in 2014-2015.

Edition 3 planned in Fall 2014 - Spring 2015:
wk 49 : Czech Republic, wk 4-5: Czech Republic, wk 7-8: Poland, wk 10: Slovakia, wk 12: Russia, wk 13: Ukraine, wk 14: Russia, wk 15: Hungary, wk 16: Belarus, wk 20: Moldova
Contact us for the exact location

Past editions:
Edition 1:

Wk 4:  Slovakia, Wk 6:  Slovakia, Wk 7:  Czech Republic, Wk 8:  Hungary, Wk 10: Czech Republic, Wk 12: Ukraine, Wk 13: Ukraine, Wk 14: Poland, Wk 15: Poland
Wk 16: Czech Republic  Contact us for the exact location 
Edition 2 planned in Fall 2013 - Spring 2014:
wk 41-42: Ukraine, wk 45: Slovakia, wk 47: Czech Republic
2014: wk 5: Hungary, wk 6: Italy, wk8-9: Czech Republic, wk 10: Belarus,
wk 11-12: Russia, wk 15-16: Poland Contact us for the exact location


The Cambridge Xpress roadshow tour Edition 1 was a huge success. Thanks to the commitment of our IKO distributors and our IKO Trainer, Martin, who travelled over 18.000 km in 5 countries,
we were able to train nearly 2000 roofers.

Thanks to our enthustiastic roofers and last but not least -
Congratulations to the winners of the Edition 1!!!
They win a weekend trip to Maranello and can drive with a Ferrari.
Poland: Bartosz Zwaliński
Ukraine: Oleksandr Bakalchuk
Czech Republic: Martin Hejzlar 
Slovakia: Cvecka Vladimir
Hungary: Dobi Istvan

Congratulation to the winners of Edition 2!!!
Enjoy the Maranello trip in the weekend of 23th of May.
Krupa Piotr             (PL)
Vano Lubos           (SK)
Vellai Laszlo            (H)
Hranicky Petr    (CZ)
Rizunenko Dmytro     (UA)
Trukhanovich Uladzimir  (BLR)
Ivanov Oleg                    (RUS)

IKO Ferrari weekend


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